If you are looking for a good point of conversation at all times, this clock is a must have!

It is our version of a clock that Jack Spratt built for the local parish church in Wootton Rivers for the Coronation of King George V. He built the clock from bits and pieces even stays from corsets, cogs from bicycles and metal from old saucepans. GLORY BE TO GOD is found on the south facing side of the tower and on the remaining sides were the conventional Roman numerals.

clock-2-Glory-be-to-GODSadly the clock no longer works. So in Wootton Rivers time stands still… for the time being.

However, here at Tsonga Textiles we like to keep up with the latest and the greatest of all times. For that reason the GLORY BE TO GOD clock just had to be added to our range.

Read more about Jack Spratt here… or take a look on youtube…

31 March 2015 – First newsletter

It is with pride and pleasure that we publish our first newsletter on our exciting new website.

After being in business for 20 years we are still being inspired by you with new ideas which keep us in touch with the latest trends. We value your business and look forward to continuing our services with the finest craftsmanship and quality that gives our product range its signature.

eat-well-travel-often Eat well; Travel often … The latest item on our product list!

Eating your way around the globe!
– Printed on an apron with an adjustable neck band, long waistband straps to tie in front and a side pocket, available in an air-force blue or tobacco cotton twill.
The Weekender and 19 Bag from our luggage range.
Find it all in our catalogue.